Friday, July 21, 2006

Garth Snow - On The Job

Give the man due credit.

In just days, Garth Snow, newly appointed GM of the Islanders, has filled out his secretarial staff with two hires from (literally) just around the block. No word yet as to why the pregnant lady in the middle holding the Pepsi can failed the interview/audition process. Isles owner Charles Wang (ahem!) applauded the moves with his one free hand, stating, "You should have seen the smiles of the front office staff when the moves were made!"

Next on Snow's list is the likely hiring of Chris Pronger's lawyer and Jose Theodore's marriage counsellor.


Zanstorm said...

Apparently there is a pic that was taken just after that with 2 of the blondes kissing, and 'Party On' Garth watching!!
Headlines are saying Garth is fitting into the roll really well.
RC, when you comment on my site, say, and I click on your name, it takes me to your profile page. Is that ok?

reality check said...
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reality check said...

Yeah I saw them both. Was thinking of it in terms of something down the line - who knows!

Looks like he's fitting in real smooth LOL! I knew he was a Canuck for a bit - he did his pre-Nordiques AHL days here. Must be some good stories floating around still!

I noticed that also Z! Guess it's a link to the profile. Still working on a mess of stuff here, like linkage! I tried adding a few links and it created havoc with my template. Back to the drawboard. You might check in once in a while and see it skewered pretty bad!

8:57 PM

Zanstorm said...

hey, I messed with padding and margins and it still has me screwed up!
What you can do is create another blog with the same template, and print the html of that template. That way you can use it as a default. It helped me a TONNE, because I got lost in translation.
Good luck!

Temujin said...

Is that TONNE, or TON?




reality check said...

LMAO! Tonne is french, which is okay with me, I'm billingual!

zanstorm said...

Yeah, me too!
Temujin isn't a true Canadian, he only speaks one language! LOL

RC, 'Jin says that it may be something on my site that caused me to link to your profile, not your page.

Zanstorm said...

Actually, it just happened to me. It's because I chose the 'blogger name' identity and entered a password. I was supposed to enter my identity in the 'other' section where I could enter my web page url.
Anyways, enough of that. Congrats on your sight! I'll drop by soon!

Temujin=quit his day job and work for spell check!