Saturday, November 04, 2006

10 Quick Hab Stats and Facts

Here are some interesting bits on the Habs going into tonight game versus Jersey.

- They currently sit 3rd in penalty killing (92.4 %) and 6th on the PP (21.7 %). Teams usually add the two stats with the goal of being near 100% considered to be a success. The habs are at 114.1 %, 2nd in the league and something to brag about.

- They have scored as many shorthanded goals ( 6 ) as they have allowed on the PK, with Chris Higgins accounting for half.

- Sheldon Souray has been on the ice for every powerplay goal ( 18 ) Montreal has scored going all the way back to April of last season. Nice streak.

- The duo of Radek Bonk and Mike Johnson, who usually face the oppositions best lines are both + 6, tops on the team. A nice complicity between the two is even more evident on the PK.

- Defenseman Mike Komisarek is coming into his own. He is controlling the play with more confidendence and carrying the puck better than ever. He has 33 hits and is plus 5 while seeing more PK time that in previous years. For a big man, he is moving in on opponants with ease and assuredness.

- Andrei Markov is enjoying his best offensive start yet with 12 pts in as many games. He leads the team in assists ( 10 ), blocked shots ( 33 ), and icetime with a 24:28 average. Somehow, he is still underrated.

- Goalies Huet and Aebischer have very similar stats after playing six games each. Huet is 3-1-2, 2.45 and .917 while Abby is 4-1-1, 2.61 and .924. Aebischer has played 46 seconds more while facing 211 shots, 31 more than Huet, likely from last Saturdays Leaf matchup.

- The team has gained points in 10 of 12 contests so far with only two regulation losses versus Buffalo and Chicago. Only the sabres have outscored them by more than 1 goal.

- Higgins leads the team with 35 shots and Sergei Samsonov has the best shooting percentage at 26.67%, on 4 goals in 15 shots. Shoot more!

- Kovalev has 32 penalty minutes, the goon! I don't have the stats but it was said recently that Montreal were one of the more penalized teams in the league while being awarded close to the fewest PP chances. Fortunately the imbalance has not affected their play on either unit.


Zanstorm said...

Damned Habs! I didn't think they would be THIS good!

Tapeleg said...

Abby would have a better GAA if not for the 8-5 game vs the Avs. That isn't a dig, just a fact. Take out that strange game, and what do you get?

reality check said...

Same for Theo I guess. On the flipside Abby's save % beneifitted from the T.O. game - it all evens out over the courseof a year.

Zan, I spent the whole summer trying to convince folks that the Habs will be even better than this, by year's end.

Tapeleg said...

I think that Abby earned the T.O. game, but not so much the Avs game. But that may be because I'm a fan of Abby.