Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kudos To The Best New Habs Blogs On The Block

Every once in awhile, I happen across a Habs blog that is so great, that I just want to grab a megaphone and shout it out to the world.

By great, I mean distinct, insightful, perceptive, attuned, and humourous.

This one partical blog has me dripping that overweight, hormoanal 12 year old tuba player you dreaded in band class all those years ago.

Last season, these adjectives above honoured a site named "Theory Of Ice", that everyone with a insight for hockey thinking surely knows about by now. If you don't, then shame on you!

This seasons honouree, and leading by laps, is simply called "Four Habs Fans" - and it's a crackup.

"FHF" as they are becoming known, consists of 4 diehard habitants fanatics who do not have their tongues tied. They speak their minds, guts, and souls on everything Canadiens - and the season has yet to start. The fun at this site is just beginning.

These FHF, oddly enough, are all lawyers!

It's quite a concept - not only can they argue their case, they can all consume one and remain coherent while blogging.

Should I ever commit homicide with a hockey stick, they are on my speed dial.

One does not have to scroll down their site very far, to get the gist of their shared perspectives. It's quite a treat!

FHF is updated daily (in this, the off season!) and even makes non-news items entertaining. The contributors are all steeped in a historical perspective, but have eyes wide open to today's happening.

They have regular features titled "The Morning Skate", "Brushes With Habness", and "Je Me Souviens", which are as self explanatory as they are unpredictable.

A recent piece greatly ticked off a slew of Rangers fans, in a "10 Things I Hate About...." post.

Yeah, I hear ya!

Can't wait till they brutalize the Leafs....and will they be able to withhold themselves to 10!

In the sites first 43 days of existance, FHF set a Habs blogging record by posting 100 entries. On second thought, I'll hire someone else to represent me at my trial!

When it comes to the 2007-08 season, I'm more excited to read their musings than I am to write mine.


Habsfan10 said...

Robert, thank you very much for your amazingly kind words ... such a refreshing change from the angry Ranger fans, and high praise indeed from one of the FHF's favourite blogs. We loved Eyes on the Prize before you loved us, but now you're getting free legal advice when that hockey homicide thing rears its head.

Thanks again. I finally have the epitaph for my tombstone.


HabsFan29 said...

Robert you suck and your puny little blog will be crushed by the Ranger-hating lunatics at FHF. ;)

Seriously thanks for the props. If we had half the alanyst chops you do we'd really be good.

HabsFan33 said...

Thank you very much Robert for your kind words. We have discovered a community that shares in our passion for sports and writing. It continues to bring us immense satisfaction. We wish you and your readers a tremendous 07-08 and look forward to your future features.


Sulemaan said...


As one Habs fan to another, I really like reading your blog.

I'm pretty particular on the ones I read and yours is definitely up there. Keep up the excellent work.

Robert L said...

Habsfans - You're all welcome.

Let's bring on the season, training camp, and something current to write about before we all go insane now.

Sulemaan - thanks for the kinds words. Keep coming back cause I'm in this for the long haul.