Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Habs Cariacatures Throughout The Years

While doing some online research on Bill Durnan, the next goalie to be featured in the series, I stumbled up an interesting site called McCord Museum, which specializes in many artforms, from action photography to drawing and cartoons. They features mant great artists such as Aislin (Terry Mosher), Frank Duggan, and Serge Chapleau, who have lent their talent and wit to newstories on the Canadiens over the years.

Upon finding it, I simply entered keywords (such as "hockey", "Habs", or "Canadiens") in the search window, dealing with the team and its players through the course of history. What I found were some real gems that celebrated, not only the team's glory years, but also the darker clouds of certain events.

Here are some of the better ones I came up with.


PPP said...

What a great find!

I especially liked the St. Patrick $ one.

Robert L said...

PPP - They crack me up. It's cool how a little wit often sums something up better than an article ever could.

The Buds must have had some pretty busy cartoonists over the years. If you find some, let me know.

So are we both making the playoffs, or what?

RetroMikey said...

Great find and thanks for sharing Robert. You da man! Still waiting for you to write a book. I'll be your agent! :)

Thanks for posting my picture buddy!