Saturday, April 05, 2008

Habs For Breakfast - A Little Vinegar In The Morning Coffee

Lots of hot topics on the breakfast plate today - including one that always tastes like a pinch of vinegar in my coffee!

Misconceptions about the Canadiens history get under my skin bigtime!

A Toronto based writer takes a not so subtle poke at the Habs lack of Quebec born talent on the team - like it still matters! He starts off by deducing, from the accompanying picture, that the H in the logo represents "Habitants", when in fact in stands for hockey, as in "Club De Hockey Canadien". Then he makes reference to changing times, and how the Canadiens no longer have the benefit of having the best Quebec born players righteously belonging to the team by divine right.

Of course, that is a long perpetrated myth by jealous fans to explain the Habs superiority, it seems.

It was a brilliantly devised system of feeder farm teams that made the Habs great. In the day, any players could be signed to C - Forms at a given time.

Montreal scout Scotty Bowman, and the Leafs as well could have had Bobby Orr at 12.

Aurel Joliat, Newsy Lalonde, and Howie Morenz did not come from Quebec. Jean Beliveau never signed a C - Form.

The territorial rule has some truth to it, going way back, but it mostly a myth, one I debunked here at this site with great helps from studies and research done by trivia expert and Habs fan Liam Maguire.

Below the link to Graeme Hamilton's National Post piece, you will find a link to the article I posted here in response to such beliefs. Call it a must read for all Habs fans!

I fired off a comment, I wonder if Hamilton will respond.

That stuff always get my shorts in a knot!

Below you will also see news on Max Pacioretty possibly attending the Habs camp next season, Mark Streit's desire to remain in Montreal, news on Mathieu Dandenealt and an inspiring tale by Dennis Kane on how he became a Habs fan.

I'll be making the subject of that article into a future post here shortly.

There's also a rumour floating about concerning an outdoor game at Molson Stadium next season against the Rangers.

Mike Boone notes that Red Fisher is one of the few who saw the Habs in the playoffs at the start of the season. Of course, he didn't read my prognostication on the Canadiens back in September.

Two days ago, I posted a pictorial called "Habs Fans Are Out In Droves", seeing as how the playoff atmosphere is enlivening the spirits of Canadiens supporters everywhere. Each playoff, there always comes the question of who Canada's team truly is.

Here is one take by a western Canadian blogger, who has found a team to cheer for while his beloved Canucks RIP.

Legend Gets It Right Again - Gazette

"Zurkowsky - as befits a football writer - is having a good season as a punter. He and the Legend bet $2 on each game between the Canadiens and the team that represents Zurkowsky's hometown. The Leafs have won four of the first seven meetings this season, which means Zurkowsky may become the first person to win money from the LLSJ since Arnold Rothstein." - Mike Boone

Kovalev's Focus On Cup Run - Gazette

"Alex Kovalev is aware of the Canadiens' history, and he wants to be part of it. "The most important thing for us is to bring back to the locker room the experience this team felt back when they were winning the Stanley Cup," Kovalev said on the eve of the Canadiens' final regular-season game." - Pat Hickey

Trying Season For Dandeneault - Gazette

"It was Dandenault's second goal in two games and ninth of the season, eight having come on the road. He's one shy of the NHL career best he racked up during 73 games with Detroit in 2000-01." - Dave Stubbs

A Happy Homecoming - Gazette

"The fulfillment of Mathieu Dandenault's dream is the result of many things. It is about hard work, paying dues, a willingness to accept less money in exchange for a greater quality of life." - Dave Stubbs

Taking The "Habitants" Out Of Canadiens - National Post /

"The team's monopoly on the best Quebecers ended with expansion in 1967, but in the following decades the team still landed homegrown stars like Guy Lafleur and Patrick Roy. When the Canadiens last won the Cup in 1993, Guy Carbonneau was their captain, Roy was in goal and Vincent Damphousse was their leading scorer. Sixteen players --almost half the roster -- were French-Canadian." - Graeme Hamilton

Debunking The French Canadien Territorial Rule Myth - Eyes On The Prize

It Sure Wasn't Hard Becoming A Habs Fan - Dennis Kane's Excellent Montreal Canadiens Blog

"I’m asked from time to time why I cheer for the Habs and not the Toronto Maple Leafs, seeing that I grew up only an hour north of Toronto, in Orillia. The answer’s easy. The Montreal Canadiens were a gift from my dad." - Dennis Kane

To Sit Or Not To Sit - The H Does Not Stand For Habs

"I love this year's edition of Alex Kovalev. The temptation to compare him to some kind of machine is almost irresistible when trying to describe his play. But how do you combine the power of a locomotive, the manouverability of a fighter jet and the brains of Deep Blue?" - J.T.

Champagne For The Regular Season Finale - Four Habs Fans

Pour conclure en beauté - RDS

"Dans les filets, le Canadien enverra le jeune Carey Price qui pourrait brouiller les cartes dans la course au trophée Calder, remis à la recrue par excellence. Aucun joueur du Canadien n'a mis la main sur ce trophée depuis Ken Dryden en 1972."

Le CH au Stade Molson? - RDS

"Selon `La Presse', la rencontre, qui opposerait possiblement le Tricolore aux Rangers de New York, aurait lieu le 22 janvier, soit 3 jours avant le match des Etoiles, également présenté à Montréal en 2009, dans le cadre des festivités du 100e anniversaire de l'équipe."

Komisarek sur le voie du retour - RDS

"Les nouvelles sont encourageantes pour Mike Komisarek, qui a participé à un premier entraînement complet vendredi."

La frénésie des séries s'approche de Montréal - La Presse

"Mon père Vyacheslav a assisté au match de jeudi et, avant la rencontre, il se demandait d'où sortaient tous ces drapeaux du Canadien", a raconté Alex Kovalev. Il était vraiment excité pour ce premier match. - Marc Antoine Godin

Kovalev: "Je ne fais que mon travail" - La Presse

"Cette année, je peux compter sur les doigts d'une main les matchs où il n'a pas joué à un haut niveau", a dit Guy Carbonneau, peu après que Kovalev eut été confirmé joueur de l'année chez le Canadien grâce à toutes les étoiles qui emplissent sa Coupe Molson. - Marc Antoine Godin

Max Pacioretty chez les pros dès septembre? - La Presse

"Pacioretty, 6 pieds 2 pouces et 203 livres, progresse à ce point qu'il pourrait bien entamer sa carrière chez les professionnels dès septembre prochain, après seulement un an dans la NCAA. "Physiquement, il pourrait être prêt, confie le directeur du recrutement Trevor Timmins, qui l'a vu à l'oeuvre la semaine dernière. Il a déjà un style adapté aux rangs professionnels; il est costaud, il est fort, il frappe, c'est le prototype parfait de l'attaquant de puissance. Nous n'avons pas encore pris de décision à ce sujet. Nous allons d'abord lui laisser terminer sa saison puis nous en discuterons avec Bob Gainey." - Mathias Brunet

Le Canadien ajoute du muscle: Stewart jouera - Le Journal

"Dans le dernier droit de la saison, un gars de ce genre peut se révéler important et on veut voir comment Stewart va se comporter", a indiqué Guy Carbonneau.

"Je veut rester à Montréal": Mark Streit - Le Journal

"Présentement, Streit constitue l'une des plus belles - sinon la plus belle - aubaines de la LNH. Il ne touche que 600 000 $, ce qui est bien peu pour un joueur capable d'exceller en défense, de dépanner dans un rôle d'attaquant et d'animer la meilleure attaque à cinq de la LNH." - Martin Leclerc

Pas de retraite fermée - Le Journal

"La direction du Canadien n'a pas l'intention d'imposer une retraite fermée à ses joueurs pour toute la durée de leur aventure en séries éliminatoires, mais elle prendra tout de même des mesures pour que cette période se vive en équipe et que les vétérans puissent transmettre leur expérience aux plus jeunes." - Martin Leclerc


Anvilcloud said...

I remember in the days of sponsored junior teams. They had Junior Canadiens in Montreal, but they also had teams in Peterborough, Fort William, and Regina. That's three out of four that I know of that were not in Quebec. You're right; these guys should research just a tad before they careen madly off in all directions. Even in the draft era, I believe they only enjoyed one year of a Quebec monopoly. They got to select the first two Quebec players -- Rejean Houle and Marc Tardiff if I recall. These guys, unlike some who came shortly after, like Gilbert Perreault and Rick Martin, were not exactly superstars.

Robert L said...

They also grabbed Michel Plasse a season earlier I believe. In all the Entry Drafts from 1963 to 1969 they only took the top two players in the example you mention. That year, it was a bargained for deal by Pollock for surrendering off the componants of the Habs farm system.

Anonymous said...

What kind of salary will Streit ask for.

Seriously, i wouldnt mind giving him 2.5-3 m for 3 years.

What's your take on it Robert?

If not, we try to give more and go for Campbell as UFA. Good on paper...but our chance of signing Streit are better than Campbell.