Thursday, September 07, 2006

The "Big Reds"

A small tip of the hat here to Ingmar Bergman Shoots and Scores.

Ingmar has been dabbling with creating some alternate third jersey's for all NHL teams and has now gotten around to the Northeast Division.

He's obviously having tons of fun at this task and doing quite well. A number of his creations are actually looking better than the real thing!

I have posted Ingmar's Habs creation here because I am somewhat floored by it. Mind you, that logo looks great in a lot of different places and here, Mr. Bergman has kept it fairly simple and respectful. The arc arm and waist stripes are actually the outline of the CH logo - a nice touch. I like to call these jersey's the "Big Reds" as they remind me of a combination of practice jersey crossed with nouveau art.

Most of Ingmar's work, in my opinion, has a retro feel balanced by abstract madness. In many cases, his creations are superior to some of the slush currently being worn in sone of hockey's netherlands. I can hardly wait till he gets around to his own teams Blues duds. I see a blue and gold guitar in there somewhere.

Follow the link above and check 'em out. Scroll down some - they are posted sporadically - it's worth the wear and tear on your index finger! Be sure not to miss his over the top Canucks creation - it's either a masterpiece or some tasty looking candy!

Keep up the good work Mr. Bergman, and have fun searching for the wickedest of Ducks!


George Ramone said...

Nice work Bergman, who should be working in the marketing dept for the NHL soon. U have my vote if u can make a killer Devils 3rd jersey. Nice job posting it Rob, who sould be working in the editing(copy and paste dept) also. That's some fine mouse work u have. lol. Like the 3rd jersey idea, havent seen the others yet, but for now, Montreals is looking might fine. Not many alteration done to the original, playing it safe, but adding a little more edge ( toughness) is what I see. Looking forward to the others. BRING THEM ON!.

reality check said...

Satan spitting pucks would be killer!