Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Pictorial Tribute To Habs Fan

On July 21, 2007, Eyes On The Prize turned 1 year old, and in order to celebrate, I am paying tribute to the common ( read: diehard ) Habs fan. Montreal Canadiens fans are legion, and are the best and most imformed group of hockey fanatics around. It is always great to be amongst the community.

Down below, there are many pics regarding Hab fandom. Have a look around, you might recognize a few or two. You might also see some you'd like to get to know! (Thanks, Brian!)

Anyone wanting to send in a photo or ten, feel free. If the idea generates enough response, I'll start a Habs fan of the week photo run at the top of the sidebar.


Bryan said...

very very nice. now howzabout these?

habsfan29 said...

Robert as usual you've outdone yourself again with a quality post.

Bryan whoever you are your pics are awesome. I hope you'll allow me to post some of them on my site too (

Robert L said...

Thanks guys. I spent the better part of a day working at it and I can see 30 or so good reasons why it's one of my favorite postings. Unfortunately, there was no databank of Habs chicks on the net.

Until now.

Bryan said...


yeah man you can use those. they aren't mine anyways.

Bryan said...

what's the story with the burning of the 'coule le canadien' newspaper?

Robert L said...

Obviously the fan who torched it wasn't happy with the Leafs winning.

The pic comes from some fans facebook.

The ladies are all my personal maids.

Wanna buy a used car?

Taylor said...

Very good post. Let's never forget that it is the fans and not just the players who make the Habs great! They'd all be playing shinny if it weren't for us.

Here is my submission:

The little dude is my son Tristan, 2 days old and already a winner. We were on our way out of the hospital when I took this pic and two or three people commented on how cool it was by the time I made it outside.

Of course it was cool, he's my son.

Taylor (in Ottawa)

Anonymous said...

Love the Ariel Pics.....those are a set that i have'nt seen...the rest of her work is pretty eye catching too....damn girl... another reason to love the habs.