Sunday, September 28, 2008

Canadiens New Goal Song

Some enterprising fan has posted a short clip of the Canadiens new goal song at You Tube.

You decide if it is an upgrade over U2's "Vertigo"!

In the short clip, in which the monstrous new Bell Centre board is shown, the final, chanting part of the song can be heard amongst the screaming multitudes.

The "Hey Ho, Let's Go" chorus towards the end of the song is played, and no it is not the Ramones "Blitzkrieg Bop"!

The song is called "Generation" by the band Simple Plan. A clearer clip of them performing the song can be seen and heard in the second clip below.

My choice, (Hey I'm freaking old school, big time here!) would have been for someone to re-record Michel Pagliaro's 1972 classic "J' Entends Frapper".

The title loosely translated into "I Hear You Knocking" and a sample lyric from the chorus says....

"J'entends frapper,
Enfin ma chance va tourner,
Je suis heureux d'apprendre,
Que tout n'est pas terminer"

....which says "Opportunity is knocking, my luck is turning, I'm happy to learn, it ain't over yet!"

Other lines in the tune make the song is rallying cry of sorts, to get one's ass moving.

It would need a modern makeover, but I think it fits. It is very celebratory in certain senses.

Here's a clip with shots of a scruffy old Pag from Beloeil, the Gumper's neck of the Laurentian woods.


James said...

wait Robert, is this FOR SURE the new goal song? or is it just an option? Cause if I have to hear simple plan everytime the Habs score I think I'm going to cry

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about "J'entends Frapper", but you're right -- a new version of that would be a great goal song. Hope the guys upstairs at the Bell Centre read your blog!

Robert L said...

James, I guess we will only know for sure that it is as time passes. I read somewhere that the Montreal based band has actually re-recorded lyrics to the song especially for this purposes. I gather it will depend on the feedback. If Habs fans don't like the tune, I suggest they drown it out!

Anonymous - Back when the bull started about no french tunes at the Bell, this one came to mind right away for some odd reason.

I thought Pag had done an english version as well, but that was "Le Temps Presse / Time Race". I looked for days for aninexistant version!

Anonymous said...

Well, of course it's a minor thing, but I hate this song. I really didn't like U2, but I think this is even worse. Since they got rid of l'Oreille, it really went from bad to worse.

Anonymous said...

God i hate it. Why cant they go back to the roots or at least i didnt know many people who disliked the 2000-2003 something song...that one rocked in my mind.

For me it aint a major thing especially if the CH attacks his more productive than last year...

Goals songs should be celebration and flow with the crowd...


Hollywood, Fl HABS said...

Hollywood Florida Hab Fans for life!!! Love the new song. It is my new theme on my site:

Anonymous said...

This is definitely an improvement over U2. I was so mad when they changed the one prior to Vertigo. I never liked that song, but loved hearing it if it meant numbers on the score board. I think this one will grow on you all as well. As you all say "it is only a minor detail"

I'm have never been this excited for an upcoming season. The day they signed Tanguay I couldn't wait for summer to end. This is going to be a year for the books.

Go Habs Go


PS This is my favorite habs blog. I check it twice a day to see if anything new pops up. You're one hell of a writer.

Robert L said...

Well thank you very much Trevor. I'm pleased that you enjoy the site.

I'm right with you on the song thoughts.

This team could score 300 goals this season - that would make the worst of suggary noises music to my eras!

Anonymous said...

Another reason to hope I never have to see the Habs score at Bell Centre this year.

Anonymous said...

I can't say that I hate the new goal song... because I couldn't even make it out when it was played on any of the 5 goal at the preseason opener against the Sens. The Via Rail horn drowns it out completely. It sounded like I was in front of a closed garage where you can barely make out the song of a band jamming and then a train passing in the backyard blowing it's horn at the same time.
At least with other goal songs you could make out the tunes and go along with it. I enjoyed the song on it's own when I finally heard it whole, but in the Bell Center & drowned out by the horn, it sounded like chaos with nothing to cheer along with. I hope this new song does not stay. Considering it's the Centennial, They gotta do better!

Anonymous said...

I love Simple Plan! The band's from Montreal so I think it's perfect for the 100th season of this team.

Anonymous said...


I can't stand this goal song, not because of Simple Plan, I just don't think it goes.

We should bring back "Les Canadiens Sont La!"