Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Eyes On The Prize Readers - I Thank You!

Usually, the calandar date of September 23 means little more to me than it being my favorite rocker Bruce Springsteen's birthday. I share that with another Hab fanatic, T.C. Denault, of Habs World and Hockey News fame.

However, this September 23rd, it is a different boss that was foremost on my mind.

You, my readers!

Several concurring happenings lately, have brought into mind just how important it is to me, that you tune in regularly in sweet numbers, to read what I have to say or post on a daiy basis.

This blog of mine is a 23 month old baby, that is healthy and kicking because you readers have fed it.

Later today, this site will be read for the 300,000th time.

I do not take that with a grain of salt - it quite baffles and amazes me to no end!

As you surely have been able to tell, I love our Habs team. My passion, backed by your gasoline, have helped me make this site a very special one. You readers....fuel me!

I must say that, because, without readers, I am writing strictly for myself.....and there is little motivation in that notion.

This past week, I was humbled to note that I was ranked in a top ten site list by a blogger I most admire - Hockey's Greatest Legends site owner Joe Pelletier.

Joe not only has a killer site, he is also a published author and a quoted historical source on international hockey - so it means alot tome.

Three months ago, back in June, I followed a site traffic meter ranking from an all sports news outlet called Ball Hype. What they do is measure is a blog's impact, based on readership, posts per week, and most importantly, link ups to posts on internet sites.

On the day I signed up, Eyes On The Prize sat in 129th amongst 130 hockey blogs.

Since June, an additional hundred hockey blogs have registered at Ball Hype. During that time, after some quiet summer months of posting, I endeavored to get busier at my site.

It is with much pride that I can state that "Eyes On The Prize" today, ranks as Ball Hype's 26th most read and linked to site.

As if that wasn't flooring enough for me, readers and other linkers have made this site the top read Montreal Canadiens blog on the internet.

Having all this occur at once, kind of blows the roof of my head!

Humbled, at a loss, and grateful...are all I can summise.

I'd be without a conscience and ingrateful if I did not acknowledge friends at Habs Inside Out and Habs World for allowing this site avenues in which to reach more of you - they have allowed me a rope, a lifeline, and a direct connection to hungry Habs fans such as yourself.

What inspired me today, to acknowledge you all as readers, actually came from Mr. Pelletier's top 10 list of blogs.

As a prologue to his ranking, he bid farewell to a hockey blogging icon in Jes Golbez, a true pionner of this medium.

Jes said goodbye to hockey blogging, thanking all those who assisted him along the way.

His gesture made me think of nothing else but you folks - my readers.

With that in mind, I felt I would rather say "thank you" while things were going well, than at he end, when I reached a crossroads.

Thanks to all of you who have read, taken time to comment, and struck up friendships with me over the past two years.

Without you folks, truly, this space is empty.


Robert L



Jeff said...

you deserve all accolades and acknowledgement. Your site is honest, heartfelt and most importantly accurate. Fans often need reminding of how lucky we are to have our team, our city and the history that encompasses both. Robert, you are a constant reminder of the glory and excellence that is the Montreal Canadiens--now and then.

Robert L said...

Thanks Jeff, I am truly in awe of my readership. Humbled and speechless, really.

P-A said...

Totally deserved.


Anvilcloud said...

You do a great job. I won't usually be in your numbers because I generally read it from Google Reader. (Maybe that does get in your stats somehow though?)

Robert L said...

It does Anvil...and thanks much!

Flying Toaster said...

I thought of calling up on CKAC and telling them about your blog, unfortunately i'm always working whenever the show is on so i can't call. But i seriously suggest you tell the people on Bonsoir les Sportifs about your blog, i'm sure a few of the people working at that station would be impressed.

Topham said...

Indeed, Robert. Congratulations.

We didn't need another blog to let us know you were top of the heap.

As someone who aspires to build a site of similar quality and depth to yours, i find myself constantly astounded at the example you set. Prolific, creative and insightful.

And I would like to thank you for supporting our efforts by referring all your knowledgable and well-versed readers to ours. It's been a treat.

Just one thing, the next time you take a screen grab of Ball Hype, why not stop at 4 or 5 instead of 3? Just kidding...

BeeGee said...

Congradulations Robert!

Always looking forward to your direct, honest and well thought out posts.

Keep em' coming!

HabsFan29 said...

totally deserved Robert. I wish we had the skills and quality that you do instead of being smut peedlers

@topham - I think his Ballhype screen cap stopped at just the right place ;)

Robert L said...

Toaster - Thanks for your kinds thoughts and one scary proposition - I'd dread having to employ my brutal Moliere on CKAC if ever...

Topham - I appreciate your thoughtful words about my site, but I must correct you about "the top of the heap" quote.

The readership is a reflection posting my links at Habs World and HIO. Beyond that, there are a half dozen extremely high end Hab's blogs of great quality that covers all aspects and many different viewpoints on the Canadiens.

Each of these spaces have their niche, which is wonderful. Also, we rarely happen to get redundant which each other...and that is the best part for readers.

We all have what it is we do, but I'll be most pleased when the six of us have the same readership numbers and high ranking.

I have watched "Lions In Winter" evolve almost from infancy, and you and Tobalev are doing excellent work there. I totally love the analysis and point of view of the site. It is never predictable, but yet there is a consistency of theme and quality there of which I am envious quite often.

It is rare that a post goes up at "Lions" where I don't see a POV or a sentence or a thought, and say: "Why didn't I think of that?"

Keep up the excellent work. I work harder because of sites like yours...breathing down my neck!

Robert L said...

Habs Fan29 - Don't sell yourself so short!

Every blog aspires to being the fifth Habs Fan at times. I admit guilt to that, big time!

What I said to Topham above goes ditto for FHF. I think we've all found our niche as far as doing what it is we do best.

Often when I'm working on a piece, it takes me into an area quite uncharacteristic of me. It is then that I think "If I were HabsFan27 at FHF, I could get away with this!"

Don't change a thing boys - except your boxers!