Saturday, August 12, 2006


Why didn't they think of this before? Placing a Gibson Flying V on the blue ice to create the "C" is a stroke of genius. The idea rocks doesn't it? What was the the name of that Vancouver based band that song nothing but hockey songs? Bet they'd appreciate this. Now if only they could find a way to improve the boring Maple Leafs logo. Maybe wrap a ball and chain around the Leaf and color it purple. Tinkering with logo's could get real fun. The Hurricanes puck going down the toilet needs improvement, and I would love to see a puck shoved up that Duck's ass. Somebody's got to able to make a Penguin look mean, I hear those flightless birds are real bastards!


Zanstorm said...

"I hear those flightless birds are real bastards!"

LOL! Hilarious! I agree, the Penguin needs to look pissed.

reality check said...

I'm not kidding, download a penguin video sometime. they do awful things to each other, They are malicious as hell!

Wardo said...

Hey, I like this. Too bad Gibson guitars have nothing to do with Vancouver, otherwise it would be a nifty look. It would be appropriate for St. Louis, though.


P.S., the Toronto Logo is godlike and legendary as it is, so hands off.

reality check said...

The V isn't a good blues guitar for tone much. No one's gonna mess with the Leafs sweater or logo. I kid about it often (it's my job!) but it is sacred and any alteration to it just never looks right. i.e. the 70's jersey.

Zanstorm said...

Nah RC, mess with the Leafs logo. It's all in good fun.
I've never owned a flying V. It's too much of a pain to rest on your knee when you sit down and play.

reality check said...

And all these years I been straddling it against my throat!