Saturday, August 05, 2006

Would you pull the trigger on this deal?

Just supposing?

Here is a little food for thought for those of you who like to play GM of the Habs. Discussing with a friend of mine who put himself in Flyers GM Clarke's shoes regarding the not yet signed RFA Simon Gagne, we pondered possible scenarios. He asked if the Habs would be interested in Gagne, and I said they absolutely would, providing he came at the right price. I asked him who the Flyers would want in return and he said Clarke would take Markov even up. I thought "Hmmmm!", that's something to think about!

I am definitly NOT TRYING TO START A RUMOUR here. LOL. I was curious to know what you guys would do with such a proposal. Clarke would definitely not accept the players Gainey would prefer to shop. He'd look to fill his void for good puck rushing D's who can quarterback a power play well.

Would you pull the trigger on this deal, try to change it, or hang up the phone? I know what I'd do, but I'll save that thought for now.

Tell me what you think!


slyonthefly said...

I'd make that trade in a nanosecond dude...gagne is a 50 goal guy and he'd be huge in montreal. i'd pe pissed if they got him too.they'd be scary.

flyonthesly said...

no shit hey markov aint that great. habs would have to throw in ryder too

Wardo said...

Why is this a debate?

Gagne scored 47 goals last year. Out of 700-some-odd guys who played last season, only 6 scored more goals than him, and Gagne was hurt for 10 games. He might have put even more into the net exceptf for that. So that means he scores goals at a rate that only about 1% of NHL'ers are capable of doing.

And you're wondering if Montreal should give up an average, anonymous, middle-of-the-pack D-man to get him?

You make this trade in a heartbeat. Especially since Gagne is French.


Zanstorm said...

Well if I was Gainey I would do this of course! But the salaries don't match up at all nor does the skill level on the Flyers end. I would say Gagne and Johnsson for Kovalev and Markov, but what would be the point of that?
I must say though, Gagne would look good in a Habs jersey..

reality check said...

Well here's my take on this guys.

BTW Johnsson signed with Minnesota.

First off, assuming Gagne can't negotiate a deal with Philly, he'd cost the Habs in the neighborhood of 5M.

Secondly, Markov is at 1.9M currently and he's a shoe in to get 3M minimum at multi years next season. Markov is a bargain either way. The Habs fell apart without him intheir lineup last year. In the 17 he missed, they played at about a .300% clip but were close to .600% when he dressed. He averaged close to 24 minutes a game, including being on every PP and PK unit. His stats have only begun to nudge the 40 pt plateau, so his lack of big numbers make him a bit of an unknown quantity. His biggest strengths are zone clearing passes that never miss their mark. He is extremely efficient at moving the puck up ice. If the team in front of him were more offensive his stats would easily jump into the 70's. Being somewhat of an unknown quanity, I often hear him being compared to Tomas Kaberle. That is laughable to say the least.

Third, Gagne does not have Forsberg as a set up man in Montreal. That brings him back to being a 30 goal scorer with a 5M price tag. In Montreal, as a french Canadian, the pressure is an anvil on your shoulders. If he doesn't become a perenial 40 goal man, the trade's a mistake. In the end Markov is a more valuable commodity. But tempting it would be.