Sunday, October 15, 2006

Creepy Canada Cornwall Jail Death Scene

Last December, I was offered a chance to participate in the filming of a Creepy Canada episode filmed at our local jailhouse. The Cornwall Jail has a long reputation of being haunted and the location was chosen to re-enact stories from the past surrounding the myths of such hauntings.

My part, playing Father Rudolph Villeneuve, was quite small. I had one brief scene where a murder suspect kills himself at my feet rather than confess to me. The crew shot it three times from 3 slightly varying angles. They then filled a pair of closeups. The spoken dialogue between the murderer and the priest, we were told, would be narrated over.

It was a fun and intersting night. The actors, of which I hardly consider myself one, sat about for 6 hours while waiting for our scenes to be shot. I was fitted for a wardrobe after 4 hours wait and commuted back and forth from my wife's Christmas party that night.

For my talents, hold your laughter, I was paid the grand sum of fifty bucks flat - I made a little over $8.00 an hour. I haven't been paid that little in ages. We were supposed to receive a DVD copy of the show, which was called Episode 10, season 3. I never received it! Creepy Canada airs on OLN at various times during the week, with schedule changes every other month. I filmed this clip off my own VCR copy from the TV. It is my simple scene, my so called 15 minutes. I come in it at around the 22 second mark. Have a laugh!


Tapeleg said...

All I can say is, Welcome to Showbiz! As stupid as it sounds, musical theatre is a lot more exciting of a life.

reality check said...

My illusions were crushed, probably somewhere at birth!

Zanstorm said...

Right on, man!
Those fuckers never gave you the free DVD? Geeziz!

chrisstevensonlol said...
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reality check said...

well that's Hollywood, uh er, I mean Kingston also I guess!