Friday, October 27, 2006

RC's Siesta - Burnout or Boredom?

Seems to me I haven't posted in almost a week. Maybe more.

I'm not totally sure of all the reasons why, but it does have to do with a multitude of tasks demanded by increased activity involving the kids hockey team. Games in and out of town. Practices. The articles needing to be written that go along with it. Catching up on the website and keeping it up to date has also commanded a certain amount of what used to be my free time for myself.

Work has also changed somewhat - I am receiving my fair share of daytime shifts on a steady basis, as opposed to rotating weeks of opposite shifts. Hitting the sack soon as games are over for the sake of getting up at 4 a.m. have also robbed me of what used to be spare time.

And then there is burnout!

There surely has been lots to write about and comment on from other blogs. There hasn't been an absense of subject matter to be sure but rather an upswing in the number of interesting things I want to get into. While the Leafs and Sens fortunes have turned lately, the Habs roll along precariously. I just finished a great book on Alan Eagleson and would love to quote a dozen passages. Malkin's debut, Clarke's resignation, and Chicago's fall of luck are all tempting - but how does one keep up?

There is also boredom. With myself! The need to reinvent and rediscover writting passions. Finding the creative juices are just not up to snuff when I want them to be.

I haven't even found an interest in checking out any others blogs in the last while. I have checked my mail on occasion without being too inspired. For whatever reason, the replies just aren't there for now.

It all adds up to the need for a siesta.

How long I'll be away remains to be seen. I actually thought of just calling it a day. I still might.

In the event I do blogoff, my friends, it has been nice!

Take care,



Tapeleg said...

Do what you need to do, but...

Ya know, for what it's worth, the reason I like your blog has not too much to do with the present, but more to do with the past. You spin a pretty good yarn about the history and stories of the game, and never sound like I should already know what you are telling me (a failing of a lot of writers). Breaking down an improtant game of the past, or the things that have shaped the game, that's why I come back here. The offseason was really good around here. Not enough present to cloud up the works. At least, that's my take.

Let me know when your back. Ans say hi to poke check for me.

George_Ramone said...
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Ralph McSandlewood said...

You are the best blogger ever! Smarter than Einstein and better looking than Bob McKenzie. I'll miss your Hab biased views, your hatred of all things Leafnation, and your slams at Charles Wang. Don't know what I'll do with out. Cyberspace is now empty for me!

Ernie Delorme said...

You'll be back eventually, back in the meddle of things once your social ties settle down. I must admit that u posted blogs in a breathtaking pace, somewhat prolific with interesting content. Silence is not your greatest asset-your mind is impressively busy-giving good advice 1 second then drawing a map for your reasoning thereafter. I'm gonna miss you sadly. Please keep in touch. Impatiently and anxiously waiting for your next entry.

Hodge said...

If nothing else, you never fell into the "bloggers" circle jerking so often seen as a means of increasing traffic

You do have a knack for spinning a great story and can usually retain my interest, regardless of the hate I have for the Habs. lol

Hope you decide to stay with it.

Zanstorm said...

"...but how does one keep up?"

Sometimes, it feels impossible. It almost needs to become a full time job. But then it doesn't pay...

Your writing skills are second to none in the bloggysphere. You have multitudes of intellect and wit.
Whenever I came by here, I enjoyed your content, and would laugh and curse you at the same time.
So...I'll keep this blog on my sidebar and drop by to see if you are back.
Wherever your path takes you from this point, I wish you well, and I wish death on the Habs as well.
It's too bad we all didn't live closer together. We could go out for rounds of rum and discuss this blog shit, and maybe vent frustrations.
You know what you could use, RC, is a team member on this blog to keep it going when you burn out or go on a siesta. It takes the pressure off. That or...maybe you should write a book! You have the skills!
Anywhore, take care dude.