Monday, December 18, 2006

Bloggers Rule!

The above two photos are pieces of priceless memorabilia that can be found in the many blogsites dedicated to the history of the game. I could stare at them for hours!

In the tradition of "On The Hockey Blogs"....

Tomorrow is the big launch day for Alanah McGinley's new KK associated site called "Canucks And Beyond". Alanah, formerly of VCOE, is a savvy veteran hockey blogger with a resume that would make most jealous with envy.

Alanah, a friend to every hockey blogger, should do well with her new endeavor. The hockey bloggosphere is cheering her on!

I recently found my way to an incredible Habs site called HabsWorld. This beauty has everything a Canadiens fan could ask for. It is intelligently written, well laid out, has updated stats of all kinds, external links to interesting articles, updates from the farm team, and a pair of killer sidebars left and right.

It's a one source stop for the Habs news, articles and profiles, with no stone left uncovered. It might even be better in some regards than the actual

Much of what I don't bother to tackle at this site, is found at HabsWorld. I should scab there more often and learn something from it.

The boys who put this thing together and run it are to be commended. Check it out and go deep!

Here's a small sample of quality and insight found at HabsWorld. On the recent Habs trading of Patrick Traverse back to the San Jose Sharks organization, they had this to say:

Since the tragic news regarding Laura Gainey, the Canadiens organization has spoken very highly of the family-like atmosphere it attempts to employ, and to their credit, they do a very good job of it. Everyone feels for Bob's loss, and you can be assured that someone inside the dressing room led the "Let's win one for Bob" chant before the Boston game earlier in the week. The organization as a whole treats each player as family, and says family is a priority above all, evidenced last year with Mike Komisarek's situation to which you all know about already. This leads me to, interestingly enough, recently dealt defenceman Patrick Traverse. Upon his acquisition (and the subsequent pickup of Janne Ninnimaa), he requested that the team try and move him back to Worcester so that he could rejoin his family. And up until this week, the team was unable/unwilling to oblige his request. It seems only fitting, that given how the team is doing whatever it can for Bob Gainey this week, that it also grants Traverse his wish, by accepting a defenceman they showed they had no interest in before as an acceptable return to allow him to rejoin his family. There are things more important than life than hockey, none more important than family, and it is truly nice to see that time and time again, the Canadiens organization practices what it preaches in this regard.

The site also offers up an interesting rating of the Habs players from recent performances. Like I said - insightful stuff!

Below, are the many different game faces of Coyotes coach Wayne Gretzky.

Mike Chen posted this, the most hilarious piece I've read all week - and did I ever need a good laugh right about now!

Mike ponders Wayne Gretzky's state of being these days with all that's gone wrong in 'Yotes land lately. Mike sees Yoda from Star Wars' teachings as a good place for the Great One to begin his anger management courses.

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alanah said...

Thanks for the nice words of welcome to my new blog, RC. And I love those top 2 photos. :)