Friday, February 02, 2007

Crosby Forgets He's Not Yet With Canadiens!

There has often been speculation as to Sidney Crosby's ongoing attachment to the favorite team of his youth - notice those Canadiens socks on Timbit card. Some say it runs very deep inside of him while others suggest his Habs fixation was merely the dreams of youth.

That was years ago, right?

I've had lots of fun with the Crosby - Canadiens linking over the run of this blog. Imagining Sidney in the red, white, and blue, I always assumed is more unreal than anything else. Contrary to what some people have said, I've had some laughs while not taking it all that seriously.

But now there may be more to it than meets the eye.

Seems Sidney's thoughts of being a Canadien one day, run a little deeper than anyone would have guessed.

Could he be imagining he's already one!

Would you believe that after Sid's Penguins beat the Habs 5-4 in a shootout tonight, that the Kid momentarily forgot that he was on the winning team? He thought he'd lost.

No kidding!

He actually answers a reporters post game question as though his team managed the one point in the loss.

That team would be Montreal, Sidney! He even attaches the standard worn out cliches to his assessment of the loss in how the team played.

How can you be disapointed, I ask, when you've just won?

How can you forget that your team has just won moments ago?

If I recall correctly Sid did shoot at the Habs net in the shootout didn't he?

Moments later, he was saying this to a reporter. It happens 2:00 into this clip, after the games highlights.

Crosby: "Yeah, well it would have been nice to get the two, but you know, things happen sometimes, you just have to roll with it and make the best of the situation. I think we did that tonight"

Reporter: "You did get the two by the way."

Quickly, the reporter moves on to the next question.

I was filming all this with my digicam, mainly for the purpose of the Souray pounding of Armstrong, and it caught me totally by surprise.

I was actually hoping Sidney would burst out laughing - just like I did!

Honestly, I still can't believe what I heard! Will the Penguins place a moratorium on Sid's post game interviews when he plays the Habs.

UPDATE: The NHL Network that ran this clip, had changed the post game summary format for it by 1 a.m. Glad I caught it in time.


Jordi said...

Argh, I may not like Crosby very much but every now and then something appears and I just manage to enjoy it. In fact I'd be thrilled to see Crosby in a Habs uniform someday. I just hope it doesn't require some sort of deal that will break my heart at the same time.

Julian said...

In your opinion RC, as a journalist yourself, how do you think the media would react to having SC on the Habs? Not at first I mean, but after a season or two... do you think expectations would be at all realistic? If you were SC's agent, would you at all advise signing with Montreal, all other things being equal? I'm gonna assume you can be somewhat impartial in asking that, though I'm not sure how impartial I could be if the question were about the Oilers instead of the Habs....

Reality Check said...

It's odd to even hypothesize on it, but since you asked...

I would think that after a season or two of Crosby being in Montreal, the expectations placed on him and the team would remain what they have always been - to forge a great team and compete for the Cup.

This would not be the first superstar the Montreal media have had to deal with, and they are pretty good and keeping things in context. When the team would hit rough spots, I'd doubt the brunt of the burden would be placed on Crosby. Montreal media, more than anything, realizes it is a team sport and that one individual alone can not alter fate. As long as a player gives his all, he is treated respectfully.

The best example is how the press treats Koivu and Kovalev. The first gives it all he's got, while the second one leaves much to be desired.

As far as what Pat Brisson would advise him to do, I'd surprised to think he would not endorse Crosby going to Montreal. Other than the fact that the personal endorsement dollars would take a hit, it would be a good fit. A player who loves the pressure, playing for a city that provides that type of motivation, would possibly bring Sidney in his prime, to higher levels. It would hurt Brisson's portfolio either, being the most famous agent in the province. He'd hardly ever have to seek a potential client out again for a good long while.

I have often said that in regards to the Montreal microcosm, a very misunderstood view of it exists. Most believe that playing there is terribly dificult. I admit that it is not for the weak of competitive spirit.

It's a great place to be if you're a winner.

Matthew Macaskill said...

I still remember how much my heart pumped during the 2005 draft when Montreal was still one of the five teams left in the running for Sidney Crobsy.

I also remember when that #5 came out and having to convince myself that it was still a very good pick, higher than Montreal would have a chance at for years to come.

Then, I remember when Montreal picked Carey Price and I freaked out because I really wanted Anze Kopitar, haha. *sigh* Everything makes sense now though. :D

I'm sure Crosby will come to the Habs one day, just as Gretzky and Messier went to the Rangers.

Reality Check said...

I remember that afternoon and I was hoping they'g grab Kopitar also. Lots of good was being said about him at the time. The knock on him was that Slovenia hadn't produced enough hockey players to gauge Kopitar's talent against. I thought the big plus, and the reason I was hoping the Habs would pick him, was that he was excelling in playing in the Swedish Elite league against men rather than 18 years old. That was the tell tale sign he was going to be good. Obviously many teams also hesitated, he dropped all the way to the 11th pick. I remember similar circumstances with Jagr in 1990.

Matthew Macaskill said...

Yeah I remember those specs on him as well, it's a shame though sine he turned out quite well. When you think about it, what does this team desperately need right now? A big 2nd line center.

However, after following Price closer in his WHL seasons and fantastic World Jr. win, it's obvious the Habs picked the right guy. (It will only be official when he hits the NHL though, hehe).

Zanstorm said...

Ahahaha! Hilarious! But you grasp at that notion too firmly, RC. You are reading too much into his error :) Crosby is so used to giving cliche'd interviews that he fucked up there. That was a mindless mistake :)
Will Crosby ever play for the Habs? Maybe. But I think he has a better chance playing in Toronto, who has way better abilities at luring big-name players than the Habs do!
Oh yeah! It's true! Bet ya 100 bucks!

Reality Check said...

Troy was asked about this during Sid's last season in Rimouski. After mentioning how crazy Sidney was about Montreal, the Leafs came up. His father answered by asking the reporter which teams do people growing up Habs fans hate?

As for the slip up in the interview, it was mindless - who knows where his head was at?

I only take these things half-seriously.

BTW, Toronto's "way better abilities at luring big time players" went out the window with the cap. Now it's just Jason Allison and Eric Lindros types, until they learn how not to overspend on the Gill's and Kubina's.

No need to bring up Samsonov, it was just as dumb!