Sunday, February 11, 2007

Forsberg To Canadiens Rumours Gain Traction

During the intermission of tonight's Habs - Senators game, commentator Yvon Pedneault stated that very reliable sources were saying that Peter Forsberg would only waive his no trade clause for three teams - Detroit, Anaheim, and Montreal.

The first two would obviously quench Forsberg's thirst to be on a Stanley Cup contender, while Montreal keeps him close to the Bauer skate manufacturer he frequently visits to assist with his most nagging injury.

For the record, Pedneault usually doesn't deal in the rumour treadmill, well connected as he is. He was one of the few journalists / commentators listed on THN top 100 most influencial people in hockey. When he talks of such things, there is always an abundance of substance behind that of which he speaks.

Some other plusses to Forsberg heading to Montreal is that he would become to the teams number one center overnight and play a prime role in a resurgence of offense that is badly needed. Candidates that would quickly benefit from Forsberg presence would include Michael Ryder, Chris Higgins, Guillaume Latendresse, and Alex Kovalev.

On the Philly side of the deal, Montreal has roster players to offer, prospects to spare, and are willing to part with a number one pick should Forsberg show an interest in signing beyond this season. Another bonus for the Flyers is that trades with Montreal have often worked well in Philadelphia's favor. Over the years they have aquired John Leclair, Eric Desjardins, and reaquired Mark Recchi for Dainus Zubrus, stemming from the original deal.

Anaheim GM Brian Burke has stated that he will not sell the farm to aquire Forsberg, and is obviously weighing the risk factor. Detroit are very much Cup contenders, and may also be unwilling to surrender as much as the desperate Habs.

The bottom line may well be that the Canadiens mounting losses are making the Forsberg risk seem less and less minimal.

The Canadiens are in need of a desperate boost, and aquiring Forsberg would simply set the city on fire.

I've spotted a few rumblings concerning Montreal, that without Pedneault's nod, I wouldn't normally give creedence to.

The most detailed account of something in the works was at Spector's Rumours, where I found this quote:

....reported scouts from four NHL teams were in attendence at Thursday's Philadelphia Flyers game, and Flyers director of player development Don Luce was seen talking with Montreal Canadiens scout Doug Gibson.
"Scouts from Vancouver, Florida and Atlanta also were in attendance", reports Gormley, who also writes the Habs are one of a dozen teams believed interested in Peter Forsberg.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!


Matthew Macaskill said...

The way he's played the past few games, I wouldn't mind having Foppa on board for the playoff push (& playoffs).

However, it really depends on what we give up for him.

With Rivet and Perezhogin sitting out, even if Rivet has the flu, you have to wonder if Gainey is trying to move those two.

Ference and Kobasew got Stuart and Primeau, I wonder if Rivet and Perezhogin might have come close?

Hehe, mindless speculation, but if the losing goes on any longer, there will be a move. Last year he fired the coach and then traded the goalie. I doubt Carbo gets cut though, he's still learning. So as they say, somethings gotta give.

RC Robert L said...

The rumour I last heard was Jaroslav Halak, David Fischer and Samsonov going to Philly.

At this point I'm thinking that if Forsberg is willing to sign beyond this year, do whatever it takes to get him.

Matthew Macaskill said...

With Price coming up to the AHL next season, moving Halak wouldn't be bad.

It seemed the Habs really like Fischer, but I think they actually picked better players in the 2nd round (Maxwell/Carle/White).

I suppose Gainey would rather move Fischer than a 1st in 2007.

But yeah, if Forsberg would sign in Montreal for another year or 2, bring it on!

Zanstorm said...

Ah, you guys want Forsberg so that he gets you out of your slump!
He'd fit in with the injury-prone Habs though :)
Happy hunting!