Monday, January 08, 2007

Crosby VS Ovechkin

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin - Two stars of seemingly boundless ability that are set to thrill hockey fans for a decade plus.

As fans, we've been asked a zillion times already - who's better? When I watch either of these two play, I know who the winner is. It's us!

Crosby's 20th of the year against Tampa Bay will fuel the fire again, as it's being compared to Ovechkin's goal in Phoenix last season.

Is one goal better than the other? Frankly, I could never decide to be honest. Perhaps Ovechkin's goal is the better one, because he carried it in and could not plan it's outcome after being tripped. Maybe Crosby's is best because it was part of an ensuing play, and his focus is unparalleled.

Either one could top a previous exploit on any given night!

Here's the video evidence - and I'm not sick of watching them yet! Both goals and a head to head contest. Have fun!


Matthew Macaskill said...

Ovechkin's goal definitely gets the nod for best of the two because of the impossibility factor. (And well, the way moved his way from the right wing to the left wing position and fought off the defender... sort of)

Now, as for who's better? They're both different players in different molds, so I don't think you can really compare them. Crosby will get more points, but Ovechkin will score more goals. I can't wait to see them play together in the All-Star game. You can bet they will be on the same line too.

The Universal Cynic said...

This has nothing to do with talent, but I think people are finally starting to catch on to the idea that Ovechkin deserves the title of "Ambassador of The League". His interviews are captivating (and often quite amusing), he makes appearances where other players wouldn't normally tread (last year's entry draft), and he has an overall charisma that you don't regularly see from NHL players -- be them North American or European.

I think he possesses the ability to capture the interest of the hardcore, casual and neophyte NHL fans with his behaviour, both on and off the ice. The league would be wise to pimp this kid as hard as they can. He's legitimately interesting, which is an adjective that's rarely associated with hockey players, regardless of talent.

Reality Check said...

What blows me away each time I see Ovie's goal, is how, as he's falling, he removes the upper hand from the stick, rather than the lower, as most players instinctively would when reaching for a puck going astray. He makes this adjustment while airbound no less! He is essentially choking up on the stick, like a batter when attempting a bunt. This movement gives him just enough leverage to flick his wrist, and send the puck towards the net. To suggest he directs it, is almost lucridous in notion, but after all this, who knows?

The coup de grace was blowing a kiss to Gretzky while freaking out in one very cool and punky post goal celebration.

After the game, when asked to describe it, he used the word lucky, likely amazed and dumbfounded at his own exploit.

Little did he know, he won the Calder that night!

(Geez, for 4 in the morning, I've never quite explained this goal so well before - expect the above reply to show up word for word somewhere in a larger post soon! LOL)

Comparing both goals is like analyzing the difference between amazing and superhuman.

I too cannot wait to see the two together in the All-Star game. Hopefully they will click and become the best of linemates that evening and the best friends off the ice.

Should be one helluva flippin' treat!

UC is dead on about Ovie's marketability. He combines an almost goofy charimsa backed with surefire talent. With hockey having a grounded gentlemanlyness due to it's working class roots in the game, Ovie is as refreshing as a morning shower. While the game's perceptions will forever be built upon the staid and stoic demeanors of the Beliveau, Yzerman , and Gainey's in it's world, having a step-slightly-out-of-line character the likes of Ovechkin is a big time boon to the league.

If the NHL cannot make the league financially prosper on the backs of Ovechkin and Crosby among other, it is surely the case of them doing too many thing wrong in all the ways and places.

But hey, things are looking. I'll be watching for how it all gets treated at All-Star fest.

Matthew Macaskill said...

Random thought: I'd love to see Ovechkin make a cameo in a Napoleon Dynamite 2 (if it's ever made).