Thursday, January 04, 2007

Melting Ice - The Florida Panthers Ice Dancers

I found the cause of the Canadiens two game skid in Florida last week. They did seem a triffle distracted, didn't they?

No wonder!

Many people have the opinion that cheerleaders have no place in hockey. I don't share that view. I believe they have their place - with badly placed hockey franchises, in warm places south of the border.

I wouldn't want these girls shaking their money makers at the Bell Centre - gotta keep your eyes ( all of them ) on the puck.

Check out the Florida Panthers Ice Dancers My Space homepage.

They have a promo at that reads:

The Florida Panthers Ice Dancers are putting together a calandar that will be available soon.

UPDATE: The calandar is available as of December 12, 2006.

The Ice Dancers all have profiles on the Panthers website and you can even book them for your favorite event.

They offer a video that "will give you a taste of what you might be in for."

Beneath the video, the NHL Digest posts this semi-disclaimer;

"Here at NHL Digest, we are not huge fans of cheerleaders in hockey. However, sometimes in life exections have to be made. These girls may just be the hottest thing on ice!
This is the toughest post I had ever had to do. I went out of my way not to use the term "Puck Bunny".
I almost didn't!


CapsChick said...

Oh, don't you start with the ice A bare midriff, a low-cut top and you all become babbling idiots. :)

As a hockey fan who happens to be a female, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I think these girls are an embarassment to the sport of hockey. I'm proud that my Caps are the only team in the Southeast Division without a dance team...although I have to admit, it would be funny if they actually tried to dance on the ice.

By the way, I think the Bruins, Islanders, and some other teams north of the Mason-Dixon line also have these ice chicks...see, crazy isn't just for us Southerners anymore!

Reality Check said...

Bubbuh baba babbling wha?

Isn't it the idea, to get our minds off hockey?

I find it awful funny! There's no real need for them at games, other than intermission.

It was a distraction during the RDS telecast last week. I tuned in to see swift stickhandling, strong pokechecking, some nifty moves, and good body checking - instead I got this - the camera's kept panning over to them the whole game.

I was writing a post on the game and it south midway through the second period.

By the time it was posted, it was titled "Has Blose to Tight Chicking Pantshers".

I had to delete!

So there's no Capitals Ice Dancers?

You mean we have a chance?

Anonymous said...

Im sure your one of those women who critize anyone who has the guts to go for something they want. These women simply have a love of performace and want to be apart of a team that represents where they live. What is the harm in that? why the need for harsh words and jealousy? you should be proud of them for having the guts to put themselves out there and making a place for women in the world of sports! dont be a hater...

2008: get with it! said...

Bimbos? sweetheart, I'd like to see you get out there and do what these ladies do? first, your probably FAT and that's why your writing these jealous words and comments! figures! why don't you check out the website, and see how many times they practice, what they do for charity...they are putting HOCKEY on the map for FLORIDA (a state that can care less about this sport) GO ICE DANCERS!!!!

Robert L said...

2008 Get With It!

What an ironic name!

I ran this piece in the blog over a year ago!

You must find a better and more current waste of time!