Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Stanley Cup Journals

The Hockey Hall Of Fame's "Legend of Hockey" site has some interesting Stanley Cup journeys. There are endless stories of players who have won the Cup and where they have taken it on their special day alone with it. Lots of former winners show up to take it the celebrations.

The first picture is Phil Pritchard, who is the Stanley Cup constant guardian and the second is the 19th Earl of Derby, Edward Stanley, holding the trophy donated by his great-great grandfather for the club winning the amateur hockey championship of Canada. Best to just let the pictures here tell the story - no captions.


Zanstorm said...

Call me crazy, but did a player take the Cup to England? Who was it?

Reality Check said...

The Cup goes on annual promotional tours. This was a homecoming, of sorts for the mug. The story can be found at: