Thursday, March 27, 2008

Leafs Eliminated: A Comical Tribute For A Friend

There, I'm out $10 bucks!

I had a friendly bet with my friend and Leafs fan Mack that Mats and the boys would pull it off and clinch the final playoff spot.

Guess it wasn't mean to be!

I stopped by his place at 10:00 p.m. tonight to pay up, but his wife Gladys said he was off to bed early - and none too happy!

Mack didn't believe they'd sneak in for a second, and it's been fun poking him that a Habs has more faith in his team than he did. It was worth ten bucks alone just to pick at him!

I never seriously thought the Leafs would get in at first, then they strung 4 wins together and I really started having fun with Mack. The night I made the bet, I was considering going to a movie when the opportunity arose for the wager.

I thought to myself, "a possibly forgettable movie, or a month of taunting an old Leafs codger, hmmm?" I folded up a ten bill and stuck in my wallet, just in case I'd have to pay.

Tonight I tore the bill in half and told Gladys to give it to Mack at breakfast, "he'll get the other half when I see him next!"

Mack, who likes his money, will surely be aiming for Punxsutawney Phil's vacated hole in the ground for a few months, so God only knows when he'll collect the other half!

His youngest boy Jimmy, a fervent Habs backer if there ever was one asked me to collect all the Leafs comics and cartoons in one place here so that he can pick on his old man when he goes over for supper on Saturday. Knowing the Habs were playing the Leafs, I was happy to oblige him.

So Mack and Jim, this one's for you!

Cheer up old fella - they can't get any worse!


beliveau1 said...

As a Habs fan I am loving it... the jokes are great and I will send most of those to some of my friends/accomplises.
However, as a fan of the game I do feel sorry for some of my friends who were around for the so called glory years of the Leafs franchise. Unlike their younger fans, these guys have suffered the utter incompetence of this organization far too long. It has been sad to watch this once proud organization being slowly beaten into the ground over the past 40 years. For it's long suffering older fans who cheer them on with some class, I have great sympathy.
However for all those fanatics and testosterone charged morons who plan a parade route every October without fail - I'm having a really hard time writing this last line rolling around on the floor in hysterics again......
GO HABS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robert L said...

I feel the same way - I want the Leafs in the playoffs and battling the Canadiens.

What could be greater than that?

I'm almost tempted to send my resume to Cliff Fletcher, LOL!

He would hire me, he'd be too worried I'd trade all the best Leafs assets off to the Habs - all three of them!


beliveau1 said...

If he hires you I'm definitely interested in a job as head of talent evaluation for the Leafs.
That way I can help you get the players for our new Habs farm team based in Toronto.....

HabsFan29 said...

We're having fun now Robert! Woo! Only thing that would have been better is Habs ending the Leaves season tomorrow night. but i'll take it

Linked from Deadspin today! Congrats!

Robert L said...

It would've been no nice to have something on the line, wouldn't it!

Mats' last game in Montreal could be fun whatever he does next year.

And hey, I hear that being linked from Deadspin is a good thing!

Thanks to whoever made that happen. I might just have a bunch more pics for saturday night's game.